Kids will have a 5-day overnight experience at Tejas Camp and Retreat where they will enjoy a time full of worship, fun, and friendship. Kids stay with their assigned group and their camp counselor the whole camp, and enjoy lots of fun activities together like zip-lining, swimming in the lakes and pool, attending worship services, and reading God’s word. We are sure it will be your child’s favorite week of the year. Check out Tejas Camp and Retreat to see some of the fun activities at


  • Kids Camp is for current 3rd, 4th, and 5th Graders.
  • Dates are Saturday, June 4th through Wednesday, June 8th. 
  • The cost is $425. 


Take a quick peak at what your kiddos will experience!


Register your child by clicking one of the links below:

Click here to sign up your GIRL for Kids Camp

Click here to sign up your BOY for Kids Camp


Register to volunteer by clicking one of the links below:

Teen Volunteer Application (17 and under)

Adult Female Volunteer Application (18+)

Adult Male Volunteer Application (18+)


    Click here to check out our Parent Packet that includes a Camp Schedule, Packing List, Camp Rules and More!


    Frequently Asked Questions :


    Who can attend Kids Camp?

    All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Grades are determined by their current school grade (School Year 2021-2022) or the one they just finished.


    Do I need to bring extra money?

    You do not need to bring extra money, however wristbands are available for purchase. The wristbands are used instead of cash and are $10 each. They can be used to purchase items from the concession stands and gift shop.  The wristbands can be purchased at the time of registration or anytime before May 15th. Wristbands will not be sold on the departure day at CBC.  Campers can purchase wristbands at Tejas Camp and Retreats but usually lines are very long on the first day of camp. 

    Can I pick up my child early or drop off late?

    Yes.  Please send accommodations, including date and time of pick up or drop off to: Jill Smith at  

    What if I want to room with my friend?

    We do our best to accommodate roommate requests – please enter this information in the designated area on the registration.  You can change these requests before April 15th by logging into your account by clicking here and then going into your campers registration form to make the update.


    What meals would be provided?

    Saturday lunch through Wednesday breakfast.


    Is there a gluten free option for meals? Do you accommodate for camper's allergies?

    Yes, gluten free options and allergy free options are available at each meal. Please note these under allergies on your registration form.  If you would like to bring food that does not have to be refrigerated, please feel free.


     What if I have to cancel my child's registration?

    Please refer to the cancellation policy for dates and refunds in your confirmation email.

    Is my child allowed to bring their electronic devices?

    No.  Please do not send cell phones or any other electronic devices.

    Is there a nurse at camp?

    Yes.  We will have a medical team to care for your child’s medical needs. 


    Can I send my child mail?

    Yes, All mail must be in envelopes. Packages will not be allowed.  We recommend you bring the mail on the day of departure to place in the mail bins that will be carried to Tejas Camp and Retreat. Please label all mail with your child’s name, counselor and cabin. 

    Are scholarships available?

    Yes, but scholarships will be at the most 50% of the cost of camp and are very limited. They are awarded no earlier than March 15, 2022. Please complete this application. 


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